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There are many beautiful architectural buildings in Toronto and the GTA. It is possible to match the surrounding structures with your own by applying the use of copper in the construction of your Toronto or GTA home or commercial building. By adorning your own structure with copper finials, you can make a remarkable impression upon any passerby. Copper has the ability of drawing the eye and giving off a rich and respectable appearance. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, copper is one of the most durable materials available and is a great investment.
Benefits Of Copper
Copper is a durable material that has a lifespan of up to 100 years. While it may cost slightly more than other materials such as aluminum or steel, copper will not need to be replaced as often, nor will it become damaged as easily. One of the main reasons some of Canada's most respectable buildings use copper for their roofing is that copper has the ability to withstand the Canadian climate better than any other material. For example, the Parliament Buildings have copper roofs that require little upkeep. In addition, the material gives off an admirable appearance. Copper contains natural elements of algaecide and fungicide, allowing it to naturally break down components that could possibly damage the material.
Copper does not rust and is therefore a perfect choice for a Toronto or GTA building. It will withstand snowfall and heavy rains better than any other material. Copper comes in lightweight sheets, so it is easy to switch your roofing material to copper as it merely needs to be placed on top of an old roof. This saves labor costs, as well as saves time.
Enhanced With Finials
One of the major benefits of a copper roof is that its appearance can be enhanced with copper finials. Copper finials are a unique way to make your structure entirely different from any other. The professionals at Copper Works Canada are able to add a beautiful aesthetic to any home or commercial building by adding finials of nearly any shape or design. Our experts specialize in creating copper finials such as gargoyles, round balls, spikes, and many other different designs. A finial can add an elegant touch to any building. Fine decorative details such as copper finials are what makes architectural structures stand out from regular buildings, so it is important to pay attention to small factors that create grand overall aesthetics.
Your copper finials will gradually change color to a beautiful blue-green patina and they will last as long as your copper roof will. Finials by Copper Works Canada are the best way to improve the overall look of your building. We will work with you to develop the perfect finials that create the exact look you desire. Call Copper Works Canada at 905-831-6434 to see how we can help you today.

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